The Challenge

Duration of work: 1,5 years

People on the project: 7

The exchange platform contains 2 main user-facing parts: client exchange platform and CRM for CEX administrators. Both of them were designed to be very dynamic and configurable in terms of user processes, mainly affecting exchange, deposits, withdrawal limits and KYC / AML verification, as well as user security.


  • Product Manager1
  • Backend Developer2
  • Full Stack Developer1
  • Frontend Developer2
  • DevOps1
  • Lidiia


    [Product Manager]

  • Andrii


    [Backend Developer]

  • Anton

    [Backend Developer]

  • Anatoliy

    [Full Stack Developer]

  • Oleh


    [Frontend Developer]

  • Alina

    [Frontend Developer]

  • Serhiy


What we use

  • Design

    Adobe XD

  • Frontend

    Angular, RxJS, Akita, Twilio API, Signature Pad, Angular Calendar, Angular Editor, HTTP API and SignalR

  • Backend

    .NET, Identity Server, PostgreSQL, SignalR, REST, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, MassTransit, Vault

  • KYC / AML

    SumSub, Trulioo, Jumio, RapidId

  • Integrations

    MoonPay, Kraken, Coingate, Ledger, POLiAPI, GSuite API, Google Auth API, Twilio Video, Twilio Chat, Twilio Sendgrid

  • DevOps

    Hetzner, Bamboo CI / CD, Docker

Security of user journey and configurability of the solution was the primary focus in the design. Aegas team has implemented multiple 3rd party integrations to ensure exchange users can utilize the payment methods they prefer and admins can make sure the compliance is top-level.

The Result

MVP built and launched in 2 weeks

Extensive configurability of all user journeys

Robust CRM tools for administrators convenience

Aegas has built a robust solution to cover all the necessary configurability on the Exchange and CRM side. There are numerous dynamic verification rules that apply to the exchange customers based on country, age and risk score. The lists of documents to verify, services to use during verification, video calls and customer chats requirements are all set up automatically and can be changed by administrators in any time. Exchange also contains a referral system with multi-level referral bonuses for inviting new users. Exchange operates with custodial user assets storage, both FIAT and Crypto.

User security, both for exchange customers and CRM users includes SMS, Google 2FA and custom biometric authentication as a necessary step during the important user actions confirmation.

Administrators as well have a robust and dynamic role and permission system within the CRM app. There is a custom email client, video-chat, custom ticketing system, third-party usage control, dynamic financial operations limits setup, reporting tools and a lot more for the convenience of administrators.