nft marketplace development services


In the world of NFTs, new marketplaces are emerging and effectively challenging even the most popular players, despite the presence of dominant industry giants. Their success is attributed to their innovative NFT marketplace development solutions.

We build innovative products in the space to bring unique value to traders and incentivise sales

  • Reliability and decentralization

    Our team has experience building NFT marketplaces using the most popular and well-audited smart contract protocols, such as Opensea Marketplace Seaport, LooksRare Exchange Protocol, X2Y2, Gem.XYZ, and NFT Trader. In addition, we offer custom decentralized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our focus is not only on creating a stable and scalable infrastructure capable of handling high loads of intensive trading, but also on managing NFT marketplace development cost effectively.

  • Robust and innovative trading

    NFT marketplaces constantly extend their sale mechanics to stand out and offer traders an exclusive value. Beyond regular fix-price and offer-based trading, we can build English and Dutch auctions, collection-based, trait-based, and rarity-based offers, complex trades with multiple NFTs exchanged between buyer and seller, creator royalties, membership-based discounts for platform fees, and many more.

  • Best user experience

    Our team builds smooth and memorable user interfaces that help your marketplace stand out. We dedicate a lot of attention to competitors' research and create a user experience that is both convenient and beautiful.

Our approach


Innovation can’t be set in stone. we are ready to adjust to short timelines and new requirements to deliver true value.


We care a lot about how we build and follow the best practices in design and development.


The blockchain isn’t easy, even if you are not new to it. we help our clients understand how things work and support them at every step.


We set up scalable infrastructure and load-proof infrastructure and make sure it is cost-efficient for you.

Working with us makes outsourcing feel like your own product team hire.
We build products with love & care:

  1. 1

    Our team evaluates and refines your product concept, creating a product development plan that fits within your desired timeline and budget. We provide transparency throughout the process, outlining the solution approaches to be used and how the project will progress.

  2. 2

    Working alongside you, we begin the product development process with a focus on solution architecture planning and UX/UI design.

  3. 3

    Our team develops and implements product features iteratively to deliver immediate value, dedicating time to quality assurance and code review to ensure a bug-free software launch.

  4. 4

    We configure your software to handle high loads and utilize just-in-time monitoring tools to promptly address any issues. Our team maintains communication with you during the launch phase to ensure a seamless rollout and helps expand your product.