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Project Partners

  • chronos
  • arbitrum

The Challenge

Duration of work: 1.5 months

People on the project: 4

Chronos introduced a novel approach of liquidity positions staking with maturity-adjusted weights: the longer you are staking your position, the larger your position weight becomes and the more liquidity staking rewards can be earned proportionally to position itself and the time it is being staked. Comparing to other maturity-adjustment implementations, in Chronos protocol the maturity of the position grows constantly and linearly in time, having a multiplier cap in 12 weeks. The total weight of the pool as a sum of all existing positions weights is also growing every second and depends on each position individual growth. Due to the limitations present in blockchain execution environment, the calculation of all the necessary parameters to implement the described approach is tricky on-chain. Aegas was tasked with modeling a gas-efficient approach to implement the described vision in Solidity.

Additionally to V2 smart contract protocol, Aegas has partnered with Chronos on user interface redesign that needed to include the V2 protocol features and change the V1 protocol interface completely. The implementation of new interface needed to be delivered in a short timeframe.

chronos dex


  • Frontend Developer3
  • Solidity Developer1
  • Oleh


    [Frontend Developer]

  • Oleh


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  • Dmytro


    [Frontend Developer]

  • Lidiia

    [Solidity Developer]

chronos dex

What we use

  • Frontend

    React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, D3, GraphQL

  • Smart Contract

    Solidity, Hardhat, Chai

  • Blockchain

    Arbitrum One

Despite the speed of imlplementation being the primary objective, Aegas team has focused on the maintainability and quality of the solution.

chronos dex

The Result

Novel positions weight approach designed and implemented

Full user interface redesign delivered in 1 month

Aegas has implemented a mathematical model behind the calculation of total weight of the pool and maturity-adjusted individual weights with linear growth so that the computation of the parameters is gas-efficient and possible to do on-chain. Aegas team has also implemented this model into the smart contract that is a part of Chronos V2 Protocol and which has successfully passed the smart contract audit.

The new user interface is up and running at Chronos DEX application and brings smooth experience to both V1 and V2 protocol features.

chronos dex