Fenix Finance

Project Partners

  • Fenix
  • Blast
  • Algebra
  • Ichi
  • Merkl
  • hats finance

The Challenge

Duration of work: 4 months

People on the project: 2

Fenix Protocol incorporates the most efficient approaches in DeFi trading and is highly customizable.

Fenix Protocol follows ve(3,3) model – a tokenomics design that incentivizes both liquidity provision and fee generation and results in a beneficial system for all participants.

In DEX, it allows creation of different types of pools, establishes a possibility to set up custom fees on the pair level, supports dynamic fees calculation based on trading activity.


  • Smart Contract Developer1
  • Product Manager1
  • Bohdan

    [Smart Contract Developer]

  • Lidiia


    [Product Manager]

What we use

  • Smart contracts

    Solidity, Hardhat, Algebra Protocol, Uniswap Protocol

  • Blockchain


  • Integrations

    Merkl, Ichi

Partnering with leading DeFi protocols, Aegas has delivered an efficient and flexible on-chain solution for Fenix ready to give Blast traders, liquidity providers and protocols access to a complete DeFi infrastructure stack all under one roof.

The Result

Successful token and DEX launch

Promoted and supported by Blast Network

Fenix is the complete AMM product that is at the forefront of liquidity technology and best-in-class user experience. 

Fenix DEX supports UNIV2-style, stable swap style and UNIV3 style pools with concentrated liquidity positions. It provides seamless user experience both for professional traders with Manual Liquidity Management and easy-to-use Automated Liqudity Management for V3 pools, bringing the innovative approaches from leading decentralized protocols together.

DEX smart contract protocol is flexible in terms of fees calculation and distribution on the pool level: it supports both fixed and dynamic fees, based on volatility, volume and liquidity. This means that the DEX will generate maximum trading volume and revenue over time. 

Token and DEX smart contract protocol are successfully launched on the Blast Mainnet and are generating revenue for Fenix protocol participants.

Aegas team is supporting Fenix protocol and continues collaboration on new protocol features for advanced trading and participants incentivisation.