walletinfo blockchain indexer

The Challenge

Duration of work: 2 months

People on the project: 9

Though the blockchain data is public, it's not easy to gather and analyse it in one place and truly understand the account activities. Blockchain explorer tools such as Etherscan collect the transactions data and assets belonging to an address, but it's still hard to seize the dynamics of account net worth, acknowledge what tokens the account is trading the most, what are the parties the account interacts with the most and what profits one makes from trading.

walletinfo blockchain indexer


  • Frontend Developer2
  • Backend Developer2
  • DevOps1
  • UX / UI Designer3
  • Product Manager1
  • Oleh


    [Frontend Developer]

  • Oleh


    [Frontend Developer]

  • Pavlo

    [Backend Developer]

  • Andrii


    [Backend Developer]

  • Yurii



  • Yevhen


    [UX / UI Designer]

  • Denys


    [UX / UI Designer]

  • Andrii

    [UX / UI Designer]

  • Lidiia


    [Product Manager]

walletinfo blockchain indexer

What we use

  • UX / UI

    Figma, Adobe After Effects

  • Frontend

    Vue.js, Chart.js, Axios, Custom UI and animations

  • Backend

    ASP.NET, Nethereum

  • Integrations

    Etherscan, Uniswap, 1Inch, Opensea, Coinmarketcap, Alchemy, Moralis

  • DevOps

    Hetzner, Netlify, PosgreSQL, Redis

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum, Arbitrum

Aegas team has efficiently implemented own solutions for blockchain indexing and data collection and combined them with multiple third-party data sources are used to gather the Ethereum account insights.

walletinfo blockchain indexer

The Result

Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum One support

Analytics for multiple accounts at once

Robust blockchain data provision

WalletInfo combines blockchain explorer, blockchain indexer, blockchain aggregator and crypto tax tracker tools all in one service. Comparing to similar tools, WalletInfo provides a possibility to track transactions, trading activity, assets and create Profit and Loss reports based on several wallets at once.

With the help of WalletInfo, everyone can discover net worth, interactions and connections with other addresses and contract of any wallet on Ethereum Mainnet or Arbitrum one within a couple of minutes.

walletinfo blockchain indexer