wallet registry web3 tools

The Challenge

Duration of work: 1 month

People on the project: 3

Many Web3 users have cold and hot wallets. While keeping the valuable assets on the cold wallet, people wish to participate in Web3 activities involving their wallet balance checks. With the enormous amount of scam and projects copycats, people don’t like to risk connecting their cold wallet to new dApps and being afraid to lose their assets.

wallet registry web3 tools


  • Frontend Developer1
  • Solidity Developer1
  • UX / UI Designer1
  • Oleh


    [Frontend Developer]

  • Lidiia

    [Solidity Developer]

  • Yevhen


    [UX / UI Designer]

wallet registry web3 tools

What we use

  • Design


  • Frontend

    Vue.js, Ethers

  • Smart Contract


  • Blockchain


Aegas has picked the full decentralized approach for the solution. In addition to a dApp, all application functions can be easily executed directly on the smart contract and the product provides direct instructions and guides for this.

wallet registry web3 tools

The Result

252 wallets supported

Fully on-chain connection

Open for 3rd party integration

The connection established between wallets is two-side confirmed, comparing to the competitor solutions. It doesn't require signatures from the participating wallets, is free-to-use and open.
Aegas has provided integration instructions for Solidity developers to integrate WalletRegistry and a guide for users who wish to interact with the contract directly.

wallet registry web3 tools